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My name is saira sheikh. I am from england and hav moved to Germany. I have been a childminder for over for 14 years and hav been running my own childminding bussiness . I hav a lot of experience working with children of all ages and abilities from babies ,toddlers to pre school and school children .j luv working with have a level 3 diploma in childcare and plenty of trainings nd experience



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  • Abitur
  • Level 3 diploma in childcare

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  • English
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi


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  • Juni 2019 FRANCIS ist ein Freund

    I am a single Father of 2 young children aged 4 and 5.
    I had a job re-location and change of family circumstance which meant I needed to leave early in the morning for work and return late.
    As such I required a before and after school service for my two children with someone I could trust and in a surrounding that supported this. I researched many childcare providers and Saira's credentials and qualifications were very impressive. When I visited her she showed me all her qualifications and above all else a genuine love of children.

    Her home was excellent and she had set it up brilliantly to provide a very loving, professional care.
    As well as this she made sure I was kept up to date of any behaviour, homework, play and dinners that had happened that day. She was very thorough and knew my own diary better than me, which I really needed at the time. Saira is also a very friendly and interesting person who always found the time to ask even how my work day went despite the fact she must have been very tired looking after my two.
    The children got on really well with her and she had an excellent balance between fun and discipline which with my youngest is no easy feat. Her routines worked really well with my two and they spoke fondly of her all the time, with a level of respect also.
    I would happily recommend Saira to support any child care requirements any of my friends or family would have.

  • Juni 2019 Lucie ist ein Freund

    My name is Lucie Princova and I know Saira since spring 2011, when she started to look after my son (Shyar Abdulla, born 3rd December 2010). She looked after since he was 5 months old until he started reception. My son was with here more often, than he was with us, due to our workload. For many years, when was Shyar with Saira, he made a bond with her and with her family. Saira’s family become second family to Shyar. Saira is very responsible, funny, creative, friendly, trustworthy childminder/friend and we had very good relationship with her. I often asked her for some advice regarding Shyar’s behaviour, feeding etc. I was happy with Shyar’s progress (how he became independent, about his learning progress - Saira teach him alphabet, numbers and much more) which he made while he was with Saira. I remember how we struggle with potty training and once we spoke with Saira about it (she told us what to do at home and what don’t) it was less than a week and he was potty trained. Saira was not only childminder for my son - she became auntie for him. When he had birthday she made his day special by baking a cake, decorating room and she gave him some present as well. Also I remember at the beginning, that it was very hard for us to leave our small baby with her, but how time went he started to enjoy Saira’s house and we had couple of times event, that he does not want to go back home. We realise, that we were very lucky, when we found Saira as she is not only good childminder, she is a good person so when our second child was born (daughter Bella Abdulla, born 27th November 2015) we contacted Saira and asked her to childminding our daughter because I attended college and we needed someone to look after our 2 years old daughter once a week. The choice was made very quickly as I do not know anyone else more suitable to look after our children than Saira. Unfortunately our children grow up a bit and we do not need anymore childminder but still we are in contact with Saira and we are visiting each other. Saira did for our son a lot. She was to him like mum. She saw, when he started to walk, when his first teeth came, she arranged many trips for children (zoo, Cadbury world, fun fair,...). I believe that we never had any problem/issue with her.


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